The time to grow is now!

My name is Emily and I’m a children’s librarian at a suburban library in Illinois. I like to tell people that I am a professional dancer, singer, artist and much, much more. (I do get paid to do all these things).

Anyone who comes to my apartment is required to have “storytime” with my favorite book of the hour, I find myself gushing at children at grocery stores then realizing it’s not OK, and I find every possible occasion to wear a tutu.

When I started as a children’s librarian in the fall of 2014, I had great plans to start a blog and chronicle my experiences as a first-year. When I had a new mentor last year (shout out to the ALSC mentoring program) she encouraged me to start a blog. When the summer reading theme was sports based last year- I actually created this blog and had huge aspirations to give other librarians tips on fun and friendly fitness based programming.

Well, none of that actually happened. My goal of 2017 is to do the things I’ve always said I would do and this is one of them! At this point, I’m not sure exactly what I want to share. I know that I have grown so much in my almost two years of being a children’s librarian and that I constantly want to grow more. Join me friends!